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Trilastin-SR Stretch Mark, Tyra Banks


You may have missed the highly viewed segment about TriLastin SR as seen on the Tyra Banks Show. Since EC Research stretch mark cream was featured on her show it has become a very popular product for the removal of stretch marks. In this airing, Tyra revealed a well guarded Hollywood secret among celebrity mom’s to be. It seems her skin care reviews of this natural, stretch mark complex has rapidly created a beauty cult following among women in the USA and around the world.

TriLastin Stretch Mark Cream

Currently, this is the hottest selling product for stretch mark prevention in Hollywood. High end maternity boutiques such as “A Pea In The Pod” which is well known for selling couture maternity wear and designer accessories to their expecting customers, features only the top rated, pregnancy skin care to their celebrity clientele.

Since that episode aired last year, TriLastin has unveiled a totally new product line which was specifically developed to fill the needs of a mothers changing skin. TriLastin Maternity includes 15 natural botanical oils to keep stressed, taught skin constantly moisturized, protected and strong. Also, recently unveiled were the new “Value Kits”. EC Research decided to feature their customer favorite, best selling products combined in convenient sets, Both TriLastin Maternity cream, and Hydrating body wash retail at a more affordable, discounted price point. The response to the new products has been truly amazing. There is also the TriLastin Body Contour System is a powerful 3 product system designed to prevent and restore cellulite and stretch marks simultaneously. This system is most effective when it comes to preventing new stretch marks, restoring and minimizing the look and feel of old ones and reduces cellulite both during and post pregnancy.  Savvy mothers-to-be who trust the healing and moisturizing powers of the original TriLastin formula for stretch mark removal  and prevention will surly love The new Maternity line, guaranteed to prevent stretch marks on delicate skin while pregnant and especially after the birth of their child.  *All TriLastin products are hypo-allergenic and safe to use while breast feeding.

Truth be told, over 90% of expectant mothers will see ugly stretch marks occur by their third trimester. This is mainly due to over stressed skin that has been strained and over expanded while putting on additional weight. Regrettably, the stomach and hips are not the only location that you may see stretch marks appear, or as it has been put the well deserved “stripes of motherhood”.  A large percentage of mothers also amass a good amount of new stretch marks in different places on their bodies as their pregnancy progresses.

EC Research, the company that develops TriLastin products have gained their acclaimed reputation since their start in 2003. The quality, value, affordability and iron clad 60 day money back guarantee sets them above the grade when it comes to pleasing women. TriLastin knows the delicate balance between a woman’s skin care needs and their self confidence.

TriLastin Benefits

TriLastin Stretch Marks CreamTriLASTIN – SR’s hypoallergenic, non-oily, unscented formula was created by leading cosmetic biochemists in the U.S. It’s the unique synergy of compounds, proteins and antioxidants that work on all levels of the epidermis to heal and protect from deep within. This natural synergy is safe to use during all stages of pregnancy and nursing, and is the only product of its kind where results are noticeably visible in as little as 3 weeks. It seems the product is literally on fire with personal testimonials, personal recommendations and untouched clinical before and after photos. Best of all, there is a no risk, 60 day, money back guarantee.

This powerful cream consists of 11 bio active ingredients including unique “virtual patch” and “Filling Sphere” that includes a special complex of plant extracts made from Japanese corn extracts which are known to improve skin elasticity, 19 amino acids encourage natural collagen growth while active soy works in harmony to preserve skin moisture, reducing further stretch mark furrows.

In closing, If you missed the informative episode on the Tyra Banks show, you can easily catch up with a quick visit through the pages of Stretch Marks Cream Coupons. Here, you will find in depth reviews as well as all the answers to the questions you may have about using this healing stretch mark cream to it’s full advantage. We represent the full product line of anti aging skin care from EC Research, including all current coupons. Pregnancy is a wondrous event, do not let the prospect of getting stretch marks and cellulite ruin your experience.

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