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Can Anti Aging Skincare Boost Your Body Image

If you’re like most women, then you know how closely linked beauty and body image can be. A simple glance in the mirror can be an uplifting experience or an ego deflating spiral that can rock your world. When polled, the main consensus from women of all ages is that gazing at your image is [...]


TriLastin Maternity: Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

It’s impossible to predict who will wind up with stretch marks after pregnancy. However, making sure to use a quality skin care product such as TriLastin Maternity stretch mark prevention cream for maximum hydration and protection is the best way to ensure you won’t be one of the unlucky women bearing the stripes of mother [...]


Stretch Marks And Men

  TriLastin SR  dedicates this article to men with stretch marks, simply because men are just not as open to discussing personal problems the way most women do. This is especially true when an ego crushing subject such as stretch marks is on the table. It’s an unspoken fact that stretch marks and men are [...]


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