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Stretch Mark Cream for Men


TriLastin SR  dedicates this article to men with stretch marks, simply because men are just not as open to discussing personal problems the way most women do. This is especially true when an ego crushing subject such as stretch marks is on the table.

It’s an unspoken fact that stretch marks and men are actually quite common and can occur just as frequently as they do in women. The big difference here, is that women seek a solution to remove stretch marks, whereas most men are unaware that there is an effective solution for stretch mark reduction and prevention.

Men can experience stria as young as puberty. This is when their skin is most vulnerable due to growth spurts in adolescence as a large increase in hormones and testosterone cause a young male to shoot up in height very quickly causing the skin to rupture into red welts resulting in marks around the hips, buttocks, obliques and usually under the arms traveling to the chest. The second most common reason that stretch marks show up in men is often the result of a fast weight gain due to bodybuilding.  These days, it is not unusual to see just as many women strength training as men, however, it is more common for a male than a female to develop stretch marks due to weight training since women do not intake massive amounts of calories that can be upwards of 4,000  per day in order to create large muscle mass. Steroid abuse among male competitive bodybuilders can also contribute to rapid growth and body weight. This in turn creates the perfect condition for stretch marks to form. These embarrassing red welts can seriously effect male body image and crush his self esteem.

Remove Stretch Marks
One reason that men are effected with stretch marks is that they simply do not place as much emphasis on good skin care habits as the majority of women do. A good skin care regime is extremely important to have moisturized, strong, resilient skin. Sports, sweating and daily activity can cause the skin to become dry, chapped and weakened, especially in cold climates. In truth, women are much better at applying moisturizers and body cream on a daily basis. The best suggestion for stretch mark prevention or stretch mark removal, or avoiding new stretch marks from forming is simple – make sure to stay well hydrated – water should be your best friend. Make sure that you are drinking at least 80 to 100 fluid ounces a day. That may sound like an awful lot of water to some guys, but the best way to do this is to keep a water bottle handy at all times and build up to it.  Avoid, or cut down on alcoholic, caffeinated and carbonated beverages as they can dehydrate your skin. Pay attention to your diet -  Proper nutrition is key to your health and building healthy stores of collagen and elastin. These two ingredients which are found in healthy skin are also the 2 main ingredients in TriLastin, stretch mark complex. Most important, try to avoid any rapid weight gain and/or weight loss. If you are a bodybuilder, perhaps a more controlled approach will help save your skin from incurring more stretch mark damage. And my last suggestion  is to use a proven, effective stretch mark cream that works well for men, such as TriLastin SR.

TriLastin SR – Is Just As Effective On Men

Men like to look good and feel confident about their bodies just as much as women do! Stretch Marks can have a terrible stigma that deeply effects a persons body image. Living with stretch marks is not an option. There are many ways to treat stretch mark removal in men such as laser removal and dermabrasion. These two methods can be quite costly per session and may not produce the desired results. However, there are great, guaranteed stretch mark removal creams available from Trilastin-SR that successfully remove stretch marks in 60 days or less. TriLastin has been the top selling stretch mark cream treatment for years. Other products out there treat stretch marks in certain areas. Men will find that the advanced therapy moisturizers go to work quickly to treat their stretch marks. You will feel comfortable with using this product in the comfort and privacy of your own home. There are wonderful testimonials from men just like you that have let TriLastin work for them in permanently removing their stretch marks. Now that you have a good working knowledge of stretch marks in men, get to work on removing them!

*All of the great skin care products featured within the pages of Stretch Marks Cream Coupons are designed to work in synergy with a man’s skin. Take a look at the Anti Aging and Facial Redness Serum as well as the cellulite cream if you are experiencing any of these problems. The great thing about shopping online is that there is a wealth of valuable information available to you and it is convenient to shop for personal skin care products such as stretch mark prevention in the privacy of your own home.

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