Anti Aging Secrets To Avoid Aging Like Your Grandma

TriLastin Anti Aging Skin Care

Have you noticed that women are looking more youthful longer these days? It’s true, the average 50 something woman just does not look at all like her mother and grandmother did at that same age age. With the modern technology of dermal fillers, enhancing laser procedures and the miracle of anti aging skin care products, it’s very hard to tell who is and is not a grandma these days. I guess the anti aging bug has bitten millions of women who strive to feel and look better way into their golden years. All you need to do is follow these simple anti aging secrets for a longer, more naturally beautiful life. I promise you will look at least 10 years younger than your chronological age.

Radiant youthful skin starts here…

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure:

Vitamin D is great for your health, but overexposure to harmful rays is havoc for your skin. This rule goes for your entire body – not just your face. Invest in a broad spectrum sun cream that blocks both UVB/UVA rays. Make sure to apply liberal amounts of sun screen on your face, neck, knees, hands and decollete. I also suggest using a sun block year round, even under your make up. Guard your lips all the time, use a high SPF gloss or chapstick to avoid getting deep lip lines. These are the areas that are most sensitive and show your age the most. If you love a sun kissed golden tan, opt for a sunless tanning cream or a spray tan. There are some beautiful facial bronzers that will do the trick without the sun damage.

Wear UVB protective sun glasses to avoid getting crows feet and forehead lines that are caused by excessive squinting.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods:

Did you know that refined sugar, starches, alcohol and caffeine promote wrinkles, accelerate the aging process and promote stored body fat. Eating inflammatory foods will  causes a loss of skin’s radiant glow, dark circles under the eyes, loss of facial and body muscle tone while increasing the look of puffiness and large pore size. Cigarette smoking will also cause fine facial lines to occur around the mouth and upper lips as well as dry out your complexion.

* Good Hydration, is also a key component for good health and younger looking skin that looks dewy and well moisturized. Make sure you are drinking at least 80 to 100 Oz’s of water per day. If possible limit your alcoholic, caffeinated and carbonated drinks which dehydrate your skin and cause premature wrinkles.

Avoid Undue Stress:

Nothing says age like too much stress. I know, this can be hard to avoid when most women these days juggle a very hectic lifestyle. You can manage your stress level by making time for yourself each day. Some good ideas would be to take a long walk, practice yoga or some form of exercise, get a good nights sleep and just learn to tune out people or situations that cause you to stress out. I find that spending time with my pets, gardening and surrounding myself with restful background music and nice scented oils or candles are all simple ways to feel focused and peaceful on a daily basis.

Do Use Anti Aging Skin Care Products:

TriLastin Anti Aging

That are age appropriate… It is wise to invest in the proper skin care routine that will give you your best results at any age. You may be spending money on skin care products that might be not be giving you the best benefit and results. For instance, retinol and Alpha Lipoic Acid are two key ingredients that are used in anti aging creams that work best on women that are between the ages of 35 to 60 and upward. If you are 20 something then skin care that is less harsh and less heavy would work better at toning and providing the level of moisture that benefits a younger skin type.

EC Research, the company that developed TriLastin SR for stretch marks and cellulite, has just launched a totally new skin care line that speaks to women of all ages. This natural skin care line addresses important issues such as Acne, Fine Lines and wrinkles, facial redness – also known as Rosacea and a powerful anti aging cream that turns back the hands of time for women who are looking for powerful antioxidants to treat age spots, deep lines and wrinkles  There is even a facial serum to help address all of these issues.

Ladies, aging is inevitable, but who says we have to give in to it. You can be vibrant and beautiful at any age. Just embrace these super simple anti aging secrets and please click the banner above to visit our Anti-aging page to view all of the available new skin care products from TriLastin.

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