TriLastin Skin Care Winter Survival Guide

TriLastin Anti Aging Skin Care

Does your skin go into hibernation every winter? Is it getting harder and harder to keep that fresh, healthy glow as you age? If your one of the 80% of people that live in a cold winter climate, then you know what happens to your body as the barometer begins to dip. Low humidity outside verses artificial dry air inside can ravage your skin. Add dehydration to the mix and you have created the perfect scenario for dry, cracked, irritated skin that accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. Using the proper anti-aging skin care products to help protect your skin from aging during the winter months is vital. Not to worry! We have the ultimate TriLastin skin care winter survival guide to get you through those long cold months of winter.

Below, you will find a simple check list to help you avoid undue stress to your face and body. This step by step guide will assure you are providing the right amount of moisture to keep your skin stay supple and soft to the touch. It all begins when you use the right face and body care products for your skin type. TriLastin, skin care products use only the best botanical oils and skin loving nutrients and antioxidants that help balance, protect and restore skin’s natural health and beauty. You’ll get everything your skin needs to survive right now. Start this easy to follow routine today, and see the difference in dry parched skin almost immediately.

The most common complaints of winter skin problems are excessive dryness, dehydrated skin, chapped lips, facial redness, flaking, cracked heels and hands and unusual sensitivity. This might sound like an insurmountable list to overcome, but believe me, these extreme changes in your skin go with the extreme weather. They are easily remedied -  the most important thing is to pamper your skin before any serious skin conditions such as dermatitis should arise.

Your Personal Skin Care Guide

1. Resist taking extra hot showers and baths, they might feel incredible - but truthfully, they are stripping your skin of natural oils and moisture. Try setting your water  temperature down a few degrees to warm. Shorter showers will also help to maintain moisture.

2. Avoid using drying deodorant soaps with heavy sulfates. Opt for an all natural oil based body bar or liquid soap. Use a mild body scrub once a week to slough off dead flaky skin.  Pat wet skin gently with a towel leaving skin damp to the touch. This method allows moisture to soak back into your skin while generously slathering your favorite oil based body cream * TriLastin offers a great body contour system that helps prevent and restore winter weary skin while addressing any skin firming cellulite or stretch mark problems you may have.

3. Make sure to use an extra rich moisturizer on feet, knees and elbows – these tend to be problem areas that become extra chapped and scaly. A natural Shea Butter cream or organic coconut or grape seed oil are all excellent for toning and moisturizing the entire body.

4. Protect your hands from direct exposure to winter elements. Keep a pair of gloves handy while outdoors and keep a pair of latex gloves close by while doing dishes or cleaning the house. Use Eco-friendly cleaning supplies instead of bleach and dish washing soap that can cause red. Keep a rich hand cream around your home and make it a point to apply before and after wearing gloves.* In extreme cases, apply a natural oil such as Vitamin E to hands and feet and wear a pair of “cotton” socks and gloves to bed. This step will heal dry, chapped hands and feet over night.

4. Invest in a stretch mark prevention cream, such as TriLastin Maternity to avoid getting stretch marks if you are pregnant through the winter months. Your at risk of getting stretch marks when your skin is  most vulnerable. Dried out, stressed skin can lose collagen and elastin and cause skin to rupture. TriLastin Maternity, contains 15 botanical oils, plus collagen and elastin to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. *Do not skip this step on the guide. Your skin needs all the help it can get to stay healthy and well moisturized especially in cold weather.

5. Dehydrated skin can look lack luster and accentuate crows feet, forehead  lines, marionette lines around the mouth, lined lips, fine lines and deep wrinkles. Is that list enough to get you to keep hydrated by drinking at least  60 to 100 ounces of water each day. Here is a tip, keep a bottle of water near by, your not as thirsty in colder temps as in summer months. Try to limit your intake of caffeinated beverages – coffee, black tea and carbonated beverages cause body dehydrated.

6. Take your vitamins and supplements to give your skin the needed antioxidants, minerals and nutrients your skin requires to look young and firm.

7. I have saved the most important step for last. The skincare regime you choose should be the correct one for your age and skin type. Skimping on skin care products is a big no – no. EC Research, the developer of TriLastin carries a full line of affordable, anti aging skin care that is guaranteed to deliver the desired results you need throughout the winter and all through the year.  No mater what your age, please use an effective anti-aging cleanser, toner, day moisturizer, facial serum, eye cream and night cream. These 6 basic steps will become second nature to you and should be used both morning and night.

Our winter skin care survival guide will get you through another winter without looking a year older.

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