Supermodels Have Stretch Marks Too!

Stretch Marks Cream

If you’re like most women you probably love to look at celebrities and supermodels gracing the covers of magazines. They seem to be absolutely body perfect and glamorous. What you don’t know ladies, is that they are all air brushed to death! Here’s a news flash, even the Victoria Secret models have their fair share of stretch marks and cellulite. They are normal women just like you. Some of them are Mom’s just like you. Take Heidi Klum for instance, she has had 4 children. Don’t tell me she does not have her share of pregnancy stretch marks. The only difference between you and them is that they have the best skin care money can buy and make up artist working on them before they do a photo shoot or walk the red carpet. They also share a very well guarded secret – They all use TriLastin SR to keep their bodies looking smooth, firm and free of stretch marks.

TriLastin SR – Secret To The Stars

Big name stars such as expectant mom Tori Spelling depends on the proven botanical oils and skin loving ingredients of this natural stretch mark cream to keep her skin super hydrated, moisturized and fortified with collagen and elastin during her pregnancies. In fact, Tori even mentions using TriLastin in her new book! She knows that TriLastin is the only proven cream that provides advanced stretch mark prevention to tender skin that needs all the help it can get to remove stretch marks and look beautiful.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits that EC Research Skin Care products have to offer even if your not a supermodel or celebrity. TriLastin, Cream for Stretch Marks, Maternity Stretch Marks and TriLastin System 2 Cellulite cream is available online. The secrets of TriLastin were originally revealed on the Tyra Banks show and immediately took off from that one episode. Ladies were searching magazines and television commercials to find out how to buy TriLastin. Unfortunately, what was not revealed on that segment, was that this miracle for stretch mark removal is only available online.

So now, the secret is out. It’s easy to get rid of those unsightly marks, whether they be brand new or they have already faded to old, silver streaks. TriLastin works just as effectively on both new and old stretch marks alike. In fact, it even works well for men that have had problems with stretch marks from growth spurts, bodybuilding or weight gain. I am sure that there are male models that use TriLastin SR for stretch marks to keep their skin looking photo perfect.

In closing, all the air brushing in the world won’t help the celebrities and super models once they move away from the lens of the camera. Beautiful, smooth skin is what TriLastin is all about. To find out more about what TriLastin can do for you just click  our banner above to find out more…


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