The Success of Topical Treatments in Reducing Stretch Marks

The Success of Topical Treatments in Reducing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are not a permanent part of life, at least they don’t have to be. While aging and pregnancy can bring them about, you don’t have to live with them. As research progresses, more is being understood about what contributes to the appearance of stretch marks and this has resulted in a whole new line of skin care products, like Skinception stretch mark cream, that use topical applications to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks by addressing the root causes. One of the most common misconceptions about stretch marks is that they are a result of skin stretching due to pregnancy and the loss of elasticity in the skin due to aging. The fact is, science has discovered there are a lot more factors that contribute to stretch marks and if you are looking for the best way to get rid of yours, it helps to understand why they happened in the first place.

Not just about the surface

Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream
Skin elasticity is dependent on many factors; diet and hydration play a huge role. The elasticity of your skin only plays a small role in the development of stretch marks; however, it has more to do with the hormonal and topical effect of other influences that begin within the cellular structure. This is why the best pregnancy stretch marks creams incorporate anti-inflammatory ingredients, topical ingredients that work towards reducing hormonal effects; and this is also why many of the supposed cellulite supplements sold over the counter are not as effective.

It is also why just buying a heavy hydrating lotion off the shelf won’t do anything other than make the whole area shiny and more noticeable. Products like Skinception will actually work to change the tone and appearance of your skin from the inside out. There is a balance of products that restore elasticity, but the main purpose of a cream for stretch marks removal is to increase the production of collagen and elastin within the skin cells to reduce the stretch marks.


Botanicals are ingredients that are derived from plants that have been proven to enhance or increase the body’s natural ability to produce elements that it needs to repair itself. The best thing for old stretch marks isn’t going to be what you put on the surface of the skin, but what can permeate the skin to encourage the body to produce the natural methods it has to restore a healthy and youthful smoothness to the skin cell – this is what will help get rid of stretch marks, not a lotion that does nothing more than provide temporary moisture like any other lotion. The botanicals act to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production; they don’t chemically replace or add that to the cell. This is the reason why these skin creams are safe to use; it is encouraging a natural process rather than trying to force something artificial into your skin.

The Guarantees

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