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Is TriLastin Safe While Breast Feeding?

There are many things that change after you have your first child. For instance, schedules, sleeping patterns, and a general sense of freedom; another thing that changes is your body. Striae gravidarum or pregnancy stretch marks, is a form of scarring of the skin due to sudden weight gain during pregnancy, according to Wikipedia, but [...]


Best Skin Care Strategy for Menopausal Skin

Menopausal Skin Care With your hormones running haywire in your late 40’s (or early 50’s), hot flashes and dizziness are accompanied by menopausal aging skin, unsightly pregnancy/puberty stretch marks, and a  flabby body that only add to your misery. The good news is that there is a solution to all those problems. Even if your [...]


How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks on The Breast

It is demoralizing not being able to wear your favorite summer dress with that sexy revealing neckline while others are flaunting their perfect declotae’. How long can you live with the fear of revealing the unsightly marks on your breast, especially when you are made to believe that there is no remedy for them? Well, [...]


Trust Skinception To Get Rid Of Puberty Stretch Marks

Some people emerge from puberty looking like a Victoria’s Secret model. However, most come out on the other side with the unfortunate side effect of stretch marks. During puberty, we sometimes experience rapid growth, sometimes in our breasts, hips, thighs or other areas, and this leads to stretch marks. Facing young adulthood with scars can [...]


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