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Stretch Mark Removal After Weight Loss: Enjoy Your New Body

You’ve finally done it! You changed your diet, put in the hard work and did what it took to lose the weight, and get the healthy body you always wanted. However, instead of enjoying the new you and relishing in your accomplishment, you are feeling frustrated that your skin is still wrecked with old stretch [...]


How to Lighten Sunspots and Reduce Cellulite & Other Anti Aging Woes

When it comes to aging, we all have those problem areas, but finding a comprehensive skincare system that addresses them all seems to be impossible. If you are overwhelmed by the variety of anti aging skin products on the market, you’re not alone. It seems we are bombarded with bottles of lotions and potions, each [...]


How to Do A Cellulite Massage at Home

When it comes to spa treatments, cellulite massages have become all of the rage for improving the tone and texture of skin. However, we all know that fancy spa treatments come with incredibly high price tags. Very often, the effects are also temporary, guaranteeing that you’ll want to keep coming back and spending even more [...]


Why Are Paraben-Free Skin Care Products Safer?

Parabens have been the center of rising concerns among people because of the indications that prolonged use of paraben encourages growth of cancerous tumors. The EC experts at TriLastin share your concern regarding skin care products that might be harmful to you. Paraben has long been used in many skin care products but TriLastin manufactures [...]


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