How to Do A Cellulite Massage at Home

Anti Cellulite TreatmentWhen it comes to spa treatments, cellulite massages have become all of the rage for improving the tone and texture of skin. However, we all know that fancy spa treatments come with incredibly high price tags. Very often, the effects are also temporary, guaranteeing that you’ll want to keep coming back and spending even more money. However, you can still get the effects of a spa cellulite massage at home as long as you use a secret weapon: cellulite creams that work!

There are lots of rumors floating around about cellulite massage, including specific movements designed to “break up” cellulite, but without incorporating creams for cellulite removal, the effects may be less visible and very temporary. When combined with the best anti cellulite cream, however, you can combine these massage tips into a great, at-home cellulite massage.

At-Home Cellulite Massage

1) Start by applying a good cellulite cream to your skin (for best results use one of the best anti cellulite creams, such as Revitol), working from the periphery of your body (arms and legs) and moving toward your heart.

2) Next, start massaging the affected areas using a kneading motion, just like you would when you knead bread. Use plenty of deep pushing, pulling, and pinching to get that blood flowing!

3) Using your knuckles, attack that cellulite with deep motions, and then use your hands to grasp the affected area, and squeeze it in a wringing motion, almost like you are wringing out a wet towel. If your skin is getting too dry, reapply more cream to reduce friction.

4) Finally, finish your massage with deep strokes that again go from your extremities toward the center of your body to promote blood flow.

Remember, to get the most out of a daily cellulite massage, you need a great cellulite cream, and Revitol Stretch mark cream reviews consistently demonstrate that it is one most effective and trusted cellulite creams on the market.

When you combine a great cream like Revitol with daily massage and a healthy lifestyle, you’ll see the results you are looking for!

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