Stretch Marks on Men – Are They Different Than On Women?

Whether they are inspired by popular reality shows or lured in by increasingly affordable gym memberships, guys are jumping onto the fitness bandwagon in record numbers. No matter the age, many men are turning to weight training as part of their fitness routines. However, as these guys start packing on the muscles, they are also discovering a side effect that they never anticipated: stretch marks.

Weight Lifting & Stretch Marks in Males Can Men Really Get Stretch Marks?

When we think of stretch marks, we almost always envision pregnant women battling the effects of their rapidly expanding bellies. However, the harsh reality is that both men and women can suffer from stretch marks. Pregnancy isn’t the only cause, as puberty and rapid muscle growth can trigger the appearance of stretch marks. Any time skin is forced to stretch rapidly over a short period of time, stretch marks can result.

How Can Men Get Rid of Stretch Marks

If you are a man suffering from this unexpectedly pesky problem, your primary concern is probably how to reduce stretch marks. While there is no magic cure that can make stretch marks disappear, there are stretch mark creams that can help greatly reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. However, like any arena of the health and beauty industry, you may find difficulty in figuring out which products falsely promise miraculous results and which products actually work. If you are going to invest your hard-earned money in a stretch mark treatment, then you want to be sure that it has proven results.

How to Find the Best Stretch Mark Treatment

When looking for a cream for stretch marks removal, you want to do your research and look beyond the products that promise unrealistic results. No cream for stretch marks can restore your skin to perfection, but the right cream can greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Your best bet is to look for stretch marks cream reviews to understand their effectiveness but to also manage your expectations of their results. Guys may get stuck with stretch marks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about them!

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