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The Truth About Stretch Marks

When you think about stretch marks, you probably think about only pregnant women battling these pesky skin issues. However, stretch marks strike both women and men, and can occur at any stage in life. For example, many people develop stretch marks during puberty, because the body is growing and changing quickly. Stretch marks also crop [...]


Celebrity Skin Secrets for Pregnancy After 35

An increasing number of women are choosing to start their families after age 30, but at whatever age women choose to get pregnant, they still face the same trials and tribulations during those nine special months and beyond. One of the most dreaded side effects of pregnancy we face is stretch marks, but celebrity moms [...]


Stretch Marks Caused By Bodybuilding – Skinception Can Help!

We all know how it starts—we jump into a fitness routine gung-ho, wanting those rapid results and doing anything we can to see them as quickly as possible. However, whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or a combination of both, all fitness experts agree that sometimes, slower is really better for your [...]


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