Celebrity Skin Secrets for Pregnancy After 35

Healthy Pregnancy - Celebrity PregnanciesAn increasing number of women are choosing to start their families after age 30, but at whatever age women choose to get pregnant, they still face the same trials and tribulations during those nine special months and beyond. One of the most dreaded side effects of pregnancy we face is stretch marks, but celebrity moms are showing us that we don’t have to settle. From Kelly Preston to Halle Berry, older celebrity moms are wowing us with their incredible bodies and flawless skin, and they truly demonstrate that after 35 and beyond, women can still weather pregnancy with glowing beauty.

How Do Pregnant Celebrities Keep Such Great Skin?

Because celebrities’ appearances are crucial to their careers, they know that great skincare is essential during pregnancy. No one wants to end up with unsightly stretch marks, and those famous moms are just like the rest of us in worrying about their appearance. So, how do celebrities get through their pregnancies with still-flawless skin? The answer is simple—they know that prevention and treatment starts by finding the best pregnancy stretch marks cream. They also know that the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy is one that focuses on both prevention and healing, and contains powerful ingredients to boost collagen and elastin.

What is the Most Popular Stretch Mark Cream?

While there are plenty of pregnancy stretch mark creams on the market, celebrities turn to the ones that go beyond simple moisturizing. For example, one product popular with celebrities is TriLastin Stretch Mark Cream. Crafted from 15 natural botanical oils and powerful antioxidants, TriLastin SR Cream helps stop stretch marks before they start by nourishing and protecting skin at its deepest levels. TriLastin SR helps promote the growth of new collagen fibers, thereby promoting skin’s elasticity. It’s a great product with proven results.

If you are worried about how your skin will hold up during pregnancy, then follow the examples of those celebrities who are known for their beautiful skin. Start your maternity journey off right by using a great stretch mark cream so that, at the end of your nine months, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful baby and
not cursing those dreaded stretch marks.

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