Stretch Marks Tanning – Busting Common Myths

One of the biggest myths about minimizing the appearance of stretch marks involves tanning. In the era of skin cancer awareness and with a nation that is becoming even more committed to healthy lifestyles, tanning salons are taking a big hit in their customer base. Some less-than-reputable tanning companies have taken to advertising their services as a way to minimize stretch marks’ appearance in order to boost business.

Tanning & Stretch Marks What’s the Truth About Tanning and Stretch Marks?

If you have fresh stretch marks that are dark in color, tanning MAY temporarily help you even out your skin tone, but more often than not, tanning will actually make your stretch marks even more pronounced. Older stretch marks that are white or silvery in color will not darken with tanning, and you will end up with a “reverse zebra” effect, with your stretch marks standing out worse than a neon sign. Furthermore, not only is tanning harmful to your skin, but if you attempt to tan while also using stretch mark creams, you can cause even more damage as these products often require you to avoid sun exposure. As a stretch mark treatment, tanning is not only ineffective, it is also dangerous and should be avoided.

What CAN I Do About My Stretch Marks? 

The best way to get safe, effective and affordable results is to try out a reputable skincare product, such as Skinception Stretch Mark Cream. When looking for the most effective stretch mark cream, you want to do your research so you know whether the product has a solid history of customer satisfaction.  Skinception Stretch Mark Cream reviews  showcase this product’s effectiveness, and this company has the research and testing to back up their products.

While no cream is magic, reducing the appearance of your stretch marks in a safe manner is possible. Shop carefully, take care of your body, and most of all, use common sense and avoid unhealthy “treatments” that will do more harm than good.

Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy

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