Stretch Marks—Guys Are Just As Vulnerable

Working Out & Stretch MarksWhen you think about stretch marks, you probably think about only pregnant women battling these pesky skin issues. However, stretch marks strike both women and men, and can occur at any stage in life. For example, many people develop stretch marks during puberty, because the body is growing and changing quickly. Stretch marks also crop up when people experience sudden weight gain, or rapid muscle growth from strength training and body building. Stretch marks may also be a side effect of some diseases or medications, ensuring that millions of people are vulnerable to them, not just pregnant women. Many men find that they too end up with unexpected stretch marks. This skin problem is both frustrating and embarrassing regardless of age or gender, making people wonder how to reduce stretch marks both quickly and effectively.

Why Do Guys Get Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks result when your skin is forced to stretch in a way that causes the elastic fibers just under the skin’s surface to break. Any time your skin is stretched rapidly, including from a new fitness routine, you may be vulnerable to stretch marks. As much as every person wants a miracle cure for removing stretch marks, the sad truth is that nothing can erase those marks and give you the smooth perfect skin you had before. There is no magic removal cream for stretch marks, but there are stretch mark creams that can dramatically reduce their appearance.

How Can A Stretch Mark Cream Help Me?

If you are looking for ways to remove stretch marks, the first step is to keep your expectations realistic. A great stretch mark cream can help severely reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improving the condition of your skin, and eliminating redness and swelling. Over time, the stretch marks will fade, allowing you to feel more confident about your skin. While the market is full of stretch marks products, you want to read reviews and check their ingredients to see whether they have the science behind their products to back up their claims.

While you may want to take the tough road, reducing stretch marks through the use of a great stretch mark cream will have you feeling better about your body.

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