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Fighting Cellulite Is A Full Time Job

As women begin to age, there is an increased loss of muscle tone along with heightened production of body fat. These two factors are the main reason you may be have noticed the rapid appearance of cellulite begin to take over your arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen. However, all is not lost, there are many [...]


TriLastin Cellulite Cream: Visible Results Guaranteed

An effective cellulite cream can deliver the smooth, toned skin you are just dying for. Now it’s time to make an informed purchase. That is easier said than done, considering there are literally hundreds of treatments, creams and lotions on the market today that claim to get rid of cellulite. The problem here, is that [...]


TriLastin Maternity Review

Trilastin Maternity Review If you are expecting a child or contemplating motherhood in the near future, then our in depth product review on EC Research brand new skin care line which is justly named TriLatin Maternity Cream for stretch mark prevention is a must read. Pregnancy and child birth is truly a special event in [...]


Skin Care Products – TriLastin For Mothers Day

Looking for just the right present to WOW mom this Mothers Day? Then consider giving every mom and expecting mother on your list the thoughtful, personal gift of TriLastin Skin Care products. Nothing could be more indulgent than pampering body and facial care products and the folks at EC Research have just the right anti [...]


Stretch Mark Cream

Reduce Stretch Marks Naturally If you have tried any of the off the shelf stretch mark removal creams then you may not have been pleased with the chemical nature of the treatment. It cannot be a good idea to be rubbing things you cannot pronounce into your skin, and most of the off the shelf [...]


TriLastin Skin Care Winter Survival Guide

Does your skin go into hibernation every winter? Is it getting harder and harder to keep that fresh, healthy glow as you age? If your one of the 80% of people that live in a cold winter climate, then you know what happens to your body as the barometer begins to dip. Low humidity outside [...]


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