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Stretch Marks Tanning – Busting Common Myths

One of the biggest myths about minimizing the appearance of stretch marks involves tanning. In the era of skin cancer awareness and with a nation that is becoming even more committed to healthy lifestyles, tanning salons are taking a big hit in their customer base. Some less-than-reputable tanning companies have taken to advertising their services [...]


Does Smart Lipo Help Reduce Stretch Marks?

In the realm of cosmetic procedures, Smart Lipo is taking the world by storm. This form of laser-assisted liposuction is growing in popularity as a less invasive procedure than traditional liposuction. When people turn to Smart Lipo, they are looking to not only melt away stubborn, unwanted fat, but they are also hoping to reshape [...]


Trust Skinception To Get Rid Of Puberty Stretch Marks

Some people emerge from puberty looking like a Victoria’s Secret model. However, most come out on the other side with the unfortunate side effect of stretch marks. During puberty, we sometimes experience rapid growth, sometimes in our breasts, hips, thighs or other areas, and this leads to stretch marks. Facing young adulthood with scars can [...]


Looking and Feeling Your Best After Pregnancy

How an Effective Stretch Mark Cream Can Help You Regain Beautiful Skin Despite all the joys that come with pregnancy, many women also face concerns about the possibility of stretch marks, and worry how their bodies will change because of their pregnancies. After giving birth, your priority may be to get your body back into [...]


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