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Boost Your Body Image By Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks!

If you have struggled with your weight, you know that unintended weight gain can be one of the most emotionally devastating experiences of your life. You may have felt unhappy, self-conscious and unhealthy, but most of all, you lived with the sensation of being uncomfortable in your own skin. Whether you have put in the [...]


Improving Skin Elasticity at Any Age

Your skin is sometimes like a roadmap of your life—your scars, freckles and birthmarks all tell a story about you. However, when we age, our skin is the first to show it and sometimes not in a good way. From stretch marks to wrinkles, our skin’s elasticity is the key to whether we age with [...]


Caring for Skin with Stretch Marks

How To Remove Stretch Marks Anyone with stretch marks knows how uncomfortable it is to be in public with them exposed. Many pregnancies result in stretch marks on the breasts, and that can be hard to hide. Especially in intimate situation, it is doesn’t help the mood if your stretch marks are making you feel [...]


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